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Wall art hanging hand crafted in wood.

Finish : Antique white with grey carving design. 


Size :  24" x 24" Inch  ( 2 feet x 2 feet )

Thickness :  1.5 cm,  Brand : ARTASHI.


This handmade wall art made in well seasoned mango wood is designed in a two feet square size. The floral carving design is hand painted in antique white and grey color. It is beautifully hand crafted by use of small tools. It is a real symbol of most beautiful wooden carvings made by the skill of human hands.


It adds sparkle to your  walls. Most authentic wall art piece, True craftsmen ship. The wall hanging is strong and sturdy as it is made in good quality wood. It is not delicate to get damaged easily and you can trust the International Brand quality of ARTASHI India. May be customized in all sizes and finish like hand painted black, gold etc.

Wall art hanging

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