Wall decoration made in mdf wood in flower shape.

Finish :  Natural wood with white border.


Dia :  12" Inch ( 1 Feet )

Thickness :  1.5 cm, Brand : ARTASHI.


This wall decor hanging is made in flower shape in a diameter of one feet. It is made in mdf wood with the help of small tools. May be customized in all size, shape and finish in quick time.


There are various abstract designs as well as Arabic arts which are crafted in wood to make such wonderful wall decor hangings. We can also develop designs given by you.


ARTASHI India is known for world class quality and our handmade products last very long. This wall decor piece is unique and there is slight difference in all pieces. Reason being they are all handmade without use of any machine and this makes them unique.

Wall decoration wood

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